Identity and migration – SEXDEM Online Discussion – June 3, 2 pm

Join us for an online discussion on June 3, 2021 from 2 pm till 4 pm (CET) / 3 pm – 5 pm (EET) (pre-registration latest June 1 here)
Organised by SEXDEM in collaboration with LEGS research team

With this second SEXDEM workshop, we wish to explore voices and experiences that struggle to be heard and included in Western democracies’ public discourse. Identity and migration will be explored specifically in relation to sexual rights and norms and nationalist as well as antiracist narratives and movements. What happens to identities in migration and to stories of migration seen through the lenses and experiences of women and LGBTIQ migrants? How are identities formed in the pressure of societal regulation of sexual and gender norms and (anti)racist campaigns? For this workshop we’ve invited researchers-activists who work with women and LGBTIQ migrants in France, Germany and Finland.

We hope to address and discuss some of these questions with everyone present, after short presentations from our guest speakers.


Ali Ali (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Bahar Azadi (Université Paris 1 Sorbonne & Université Paris 7)

Firoozeh Farvardin (Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research, Germany)

Mahdis Sadeghipouya (Université Paris 8, France)



Heta Rundgren (SEXDEM) 

Mahdis Sadeghipouya (LEGS, Paris 8)

with help from Katja Kahlina and Riikka Taavetti (SEXDEM)

More information and summaries of individual presentations on the sexdem website here.